Sunday, October 28, 2012

New Found Pieces

Bunny piece.

While I've been working with found ceramic objects, I've been thinking about the weight of using a found object - entombing it in ceramic and glass and surrounding it with personal .  The little objects I've been using have had a well traveled life - some from Occupied Japan, some from an anonymous knick-knack shelf. 

My first few uses of the found ceramic object kept the form distinct, but obscured all the details.  I wanted to use the piece as foundation but to push into an abstract visual language. 

I wanted to avoid becoming reliant on the found object for narrative, or overly obvious.  The result is that the found object was no longer really recognizably as such - in which case, why even bother using the object in the first place?     

I am now working on a couple of new pieces where the found object is prominently placed - given equal visual weight.  I don't want to become obvious (flowers on a vase, head on a figure, etc) but I think I have to take a step in the direction to really take advantage of the presence of the found object.  I also think that adding to the figurine in a recognizable way acts as a nice transition to any other components.

Component piece of two bird figurines
And.. after new faces.                       

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