Friday, October 19, 2012

More Screenprinting and BABY SLOTHS!!!

Here is a new print project I'm working on:  A series of Abstract wad of clay bisected and walled with a screen printed image. Each object is a handheld sized and will be hung on the wall.  A little less pattern oriented than before, but hey, who doesn't love sloths?  Four layers of print pattern- hopefully they will actually be visible after firing!
I tried to keep the slab a little softer this time - I kept a wet towel under the slab while I was printing- so it would have more flexibility while building.  

The organic wad sculptures, let them set up, and then cut them into sections and hollowed them out.  The printed slab becomes the new wall of the wad.

(By the way, desperately trying to find a better name for the wads.  Raw wad?  I think that's worse...  any ideas?)

I was trying to keep the printed wall dynamic - not to have the animals framed  by the form of the wad.  I didn't get it quite right - its kinda hard to get the cut out exact!

Completed print slab.
Hollowed out wads.
Planning print crops.
First layers of stains.
Frontal view - in rough orientation.

Speaking of the sloth, here is a special treat:

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  1. Mud wads maybe? Clumps, or heaps? Loooove the baby sloth video!!!