Monday, September 3, 2012


Election is coming up fast and furious this fall and while I usually do not approve of politics in the work/school place this is a kind, non-partisan, plea for everyone to get out and vote. 

Vote with your heads.  We are in an imperfect system and voting is one of the few things we all own outright.  Even if you think the electoral college system is ridiculous, just vote - it takes a second if you do it early.  
Just some things to keep in mind while you are thinking critically about how to vote:  Don't drink the kool aid.  Where did the free market get us? (think 2008) Our political system is broken, the responsible thing to do is to work within the system to fix it. 

You can register to vote here.
You can vote early here.

Undecided? Confused?  Check out politifact (I cannot recommend this site enough - literally takes issues, quote by quote, researches, and rates them for truth), npr election coverage, and of course Mr Romney and President Obama's sites.

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