Saturday, September 15, 2012

Take a Holy Right

I've become interested in sculpting hands and feet.  I am thinking of them as symbols of the inner conscious' points of contact with the outer world - as well as our manipulation of physicality into something similar to our inner reality.

In searching for resource images I thought back to St Stephen I and the Holy Right.

I was in Budapest a few years ago and stayed down the street from St. Stephen's Basilica, where the relic of his right hand can be viewed by tourists and devotees.  The Holy Right is special b/c it was the right hand of the first King of Hungary - and particularly b/c on his deathbed St. Stephen held his crown up in his right hand, asking the Virgin Mary to be the Queen of Hungary.


From what I remember, the Holy Right lives in a velvet lined, climate control case.  A light comes on when there are viewers.  I have a Hungarian coin, flattened carnival style, with an embossed image of the hand on it.  Like this:


  1. Not gonna lie, but that hand is creepy even if it is a holy relic. :)