Saturday, September 29, 2012


How does one go about representing that which has no form?  Representing our experience of formless phenomena - emotions, dreams, thoughts, the spaces in between moments.

Periodically I mull this over and look at how past artists found resolution; usually surrealists and abstract expressionists.  This week I started looking at Zen paintings and reading excerpts from The Formless Self (Joan Stambaugh):

It is always the Formless Self that is, on each and every occasion, the creative subject expressing itself.
...that which paints is that which is painted: that which is painted is that which paints.

Kasumi Bunsho is one of my favorite Zen artists.  He is fairly recent - having died in the 1990's at the age of 93 - and was an abbot in Kyoto. The brush marks look like they are about run off the paper- playing around like little animals.  I keep on personifying each drip and curve - I especially love the little bastard monkeys.  And the giraffe thing on the top of the last image.

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  1. Those images are gorgeous, G! Thanks for sharing!!