Sunday, September 30, 2012

Haven't I Seen That Face Before?

I feel like most people are happy to recognize elements of the human body - it's why I continue to use hands and feet in my sculptures.  I think we all seek to find commonality with an object, another person, a work of art, etc.  And arranging visual information into a familiar, intimate form is the best way to relate to something foreign - and to find comfort. 

THis is an old article from the NY Times about the psycology behind finding faces: 
Faces Faces Everywhere

This is a more recent article from RadioLab:
Find a Face

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  1. Thanks for this article!-fascinating.. my favorite quote " the hair-trigger response to faces is innate or learned, it represents a critical evolutionary adaptation, one that dwarfs side effects like seeing Beelzebub in a crumpled tissue." I see it as a perk-not a side effect.