Friday, September 14, 2012

David Salle and Appropriation

This semester I've been incorporating found ceramic objects into new sculptures.  The defacing of ceramic figurines leads to thoughts of appropriation - which naturally leads to David Salle.

Reading a couple of articles about Salle, I really likes the language he uses to describe constructing an artwork from assembled/borrowed images:
  • "I always had a feeling for the theater of it - or the making-meaning part of it."
  • "sizing them to inflect one another, balance against one another, as if one once had had something to do with the other or might someday have something to do with the other.
  • "... connections would be made through coor intensities and joint axes and what in the old days was called a marriage of lines."
  • gaps and shadows are structural
  • "Painted form performs."

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