Saturday, October 15, 2011

Rededication to the Blog!

I've been taking a looonng break from blogging, but I am ready to come back!

The summer was very wonderful, I learned so much at the Bernadette Curran workshop at Haystack and, as always, was so impressed by the lovely and talented people I met - especially my fellow TA Nate Wilever (watch out!) and his g-friend, the massively talented Tessa.

It's taken me a while to settle back into a school routine - I moved apartments and studios in Edinboro and wound up getting stranded in Pittsburgh for a few weeks while my automobile was being patched up...

This semester is eventful as all get out - I am taking a Glaze Calculation course - which I LOVE- and getting ready for a MFA candidacy this winter. All of the 2nd year grad students are installing a show this December in Erie in honor of the candidacy process.

For more info on the EUP 2nd year art grads please see our blog -

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