Monday, March 21, 2011

Bernadette and College Clay Collective

I got a bunch of great news over the last couple of weeks!

Two of my pieces were accepted to the College Clay Collective at Genesee Pottery in Rochester, NY! I am doubly excited b/c my friend Allison is rockin' it over at Genesee as a Resident Artist so I get to go and visit her for the opening! Super-pumped! Here is the link to her site - she makes lovely lovely sculptural functional pieces:

Here is one of the pieces that I just sent over to Genesee:

(With much thanks to the Papa Collection for lending the piece out!)

The other wonderful news is that I am going to be a workshop assistant at Haystack this summer for Bernadette Curran! I love Haystack so much and it will be a great change of pace to work there for a couple of weeks. Every time I go to Maine I have a life altering experience... something about lobsters and art and the Atlantic.


  1. Ok... so I'm jealous on two fronts... 1. Heath got to that dish before I could. 2. You are going to Maine.

    Congrats on all the great news! So happy for you!!!! (and if you need an assistant to the assistant *raising hand*) ; )

  2. Congrats again, should be a great summer for you!