Saturday, February 12, 2011

Collaboration with Mr.Ence

I'm super-pumped. One of my goals this semester to collaborate with Mr. Ence on a few pieces. Deric threw one of his lovely jars for me this week and I am slowly but surely finishing it up. I just cut up the bottom and some windows and am working on a slab of drawings to insert into 'em.

The drawings are going to be a little tricky - I like the slab to be a hard leatherhard before I carve into them. Which is a little to dry to put them into the windows... if that makes sense. Hopefully the clay can withstand some dry/wet yo-yo-yo-ing.

I was really giddy when started working Deric's pot. As I say, straight lines and super balanced work makes me nervous and was literally shaking when I went to make the windows and bottom. Like I was going to get caught vandalizing.

Because I was so nervous, I messed up cutting the lines out (they hit the seam of the top and bottom) but I am just going to embrace that and keep moving forward with it. It seems like any attempt to fix it will really just make it worse.

The windows in the pot are shaped like my plant drawings and I made a few cut outs on the lid in cloud shapes. In the picture the piece is upside-down - but I really like that shape!


  1. Ha ha that is awesome. One thing you can do is insert the slabs into the windows first and let them harden before you start carving.

  2. I rolled out one huge slab and covered it with drawings and textures - I thought it would be cool to have one big image fragmented throughout all the windows... does that make sense? YOu'll see!

  3. Gratia, One suggestion is to mix up a batch of paper clay. The paper clay lends itself to joining pieces that normally are "too dry". The cellulose should not interfere with your drawing and burns out without any visible appearance unless you use too much.