Wednesday, January 19, 2011

welcome back...

As predicted I totally suck at keeping a blog. The short story from the summer: I made about 600 plates, they are pretty awesome, come to Salad Days in July 2011.

The short story from my first semester in grad school: I'm over lowfire red clay for a while, I tried a bunch of different clay bodies and glazes, and I have a new direction to take my functional work - more on that later.

I started working in figurative sculpture - started with a series of small "sketches" focusing on messing with surface. I looked at terra sigillatas, oxide washes, rubber, flocking, slips/underglazes - and I fell back on acrylic paint strangley enough.

At the end of the semester I started two 2/3 life size pieces and am just finishing them up for bisque. I'm hoping to construct a system of platforms/ramps to display these figures. I am actually going to have to finish these guys b/c all the first years are going to have a show in the Bates student gallery this March.(!)

This semester (1)I'm going to focus on finishing my two large sculptures (sticking with the acrylic)and build the displays for the bates show. (2)make a bunch (5?)of small scale pieces to try encaustic with (3)continue working on the functional stuff using cone 6 clay bodies.

I'll have some images up soon!

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