Friday, January 21, 2011

Week One.

I finished the two large figures that I started last semester. The one that looks all crumbly was finished by alternating layers of sprayed water and flung fistfuls of kaolin. They are each about 40 inches tall and super heavy. Both figures will have a wooden platform constructed for them with accompanying plant life and perhaps an elephant or two.

I made the arms separately and they will be epoxy-ed after everything has been fired and painted. I punched holes in the shoulder joints so that a metal rod can be used for extra joint-joining power.

I also fired up two totally sweet "cookie cutter" boxes. They will get fired up to cone 6/7 and then waxed 'n' buffed.

Here are dualing views of the first one. It has only been bisqued to cone 04, after the next firing the tan lines will be more pronounced... might add some more washes and shadow.

And the good news on the second...

...and the bad news.

I mean really... this box totally blew it. Really like the color washes and the inlaid lines... hopefully the next one will want to live.


  1. plant life? thanks for the images

  2. Gratia, I am really attracted to the surface of the top piece! More like that ! Please and thank you!