Sunday, January 30, 2011


Went with the other first year grads to visit the Artworks galleries in Erie - on State Street. We had a meeting at 9 am on Saturday am - which was NOT my idea. Miraculously we made it - unfortunately I forgot my camera so I pirated some images.

The space is amazing! The building has a wonderful feel, in no small part b/c of the wonderful managers (?) John and Deb! They showed us the spaces, brought us up to their respective studios and showed us their work. I want to be friends.

John created this crazy copper/metal automaton thing with gears and pulleys that rotate glass spheres in an orbit. I think it was for Hammermill? He made it 20 years ago and is now refurbishing it with another artist.

Deb is an alumni of edinboro and teaches at the museum and is involved in bunch of artist groups. Such good energy, a wonderful change of pace – even if we had to wake up at 730am to meet them Saturday!

Derek, Kevin, and Cara were part of group show in the space last summer - here is one of Derek's pictures from the opening. (Thanks D3!) This is the smaller side that is finished with cosey nooks.

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